Team Leader Training

Team leads who complete this training program will have the abilities and know-how necessary to lead, inspire, and build high-achieving teams.

Gain the required skills

Both novice and seasoned team leaders receive thorough training that gives them the tools they need to guide, grow, and motivate their groups. The goal is to assist you in developing your leadership abilities as you lead your team to victory.

Course Summary

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Training FAQs

We can deliver this training at your premises, as long as it’s within the UK. Also, we have our own venues in UK if you need access to a training room (additional charges will apply). We can also deliver this training virtually using Zoom. However, sessions delivered via Zoom will be theory only and will not include any practicals.

We offer online, in-person, and blended options to cater to diverse learning preferences.
Yes, upon successful completion, you’ll receive a recognised certification in Team Leadership.
Absolutely! We offer tailored programs to fit your organization’s unique culture and challenges. Get in touch now to talk about your leadership journey and find out how our Team Leader Training can make you and your team succeed!

Team Leader Training

This in-depth team lead training is a great way for you to develop into an inspiring and empowered leader. You will discover how to create cooperative, motivated teams that produce outstanding outcomes. Find your areas of strength as a leader and hone your coaching, feedback, communication, and conflict-resolution techniques. Learn tried-and-true methods for creating a pleasant team environment, assessing your influence, and clearly defining your vision.

  • Course Duration: 2- 3 hours
  • Course Level: Level 2
  • Certificate: 1-year certificate
  • Max Delegates: 12
  • Mode: Blended/Face-to-Face


Who Should Attend:

The team leader training is available to the following:

  • New team leads,
  • Group supervisors, or anyone transitioning into a team leadership role.
  • Experienced team leads can also benefit from a refresher.

Team Leader Course Contents

We want you to lead with confidence, inspire collaboration, drive success. This program empowers both new and seasoned leaders with the essential skills to guide, develop, and motivate their teams.

Take a look at the course outline:

Leading vs Managing

  • The roles of a manager vs. a leader
  • Leadership styles and leadership
  • Transitioning from peer to leader

Team Development Stages

  • Tuckman’s stages of group development
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Fostering teamwork at each stage

Leadership Styles

  • Directive vs participative leadership
  • Task-oriented vs people-oriented approaches
  • Identifying your natural leadership style
  • Expanding your leadership skillset

Setting Goals and Expectations

  • Aligning team goals to organisational objectives
  • Defining clear, specific, and measurable goals
  • Setting expectations for roles and responsibilities
  • Tracking progress and assessing results

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  • Providing guidance and sharing knowledge
  • Building capabilities through teaching opportunities
  • Conducting coaching conversations
  • Establishing mentoring relationships
  • Delegating tasks for development

Providing Feedback

  • Benefits of regular feedback
  • Giving effective praise and constructive criticism
  • Holding successful performance reviews
  • Monitoring progress on development plans

Building Team Culture

  • Creating shared mission and values
  • Fostering engagement, collaboration, and communication
  • Building trust and resolving conflicts
  • Celebrating wins and having fun
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion

Managing Conflict

  • Common team conflicts and causes
  • Healthy vs unhealthy conflict
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Facilitating open discussion and compromise

Measuring Performance

  • Monitoring progress on goals
  • Gathering feedback and impressions
  • Linking results to recognition and development

Communication and Influence

  • Adapting language and channels for your audience
  • Active listening and nonverbal communication
  • Influencing without authority
  • Giving motivational talks and presentations

Strategic Planning and Alignment

  • Understanding organisational strategy
  • Creating team goals and plans
  • Connecting individual roles to team objectives
  • Evaluating plans and adjusting as needed


Key Learning Outcomes

By the end of the team leader course, participants will be able to:

  • Motivate and engage team members
  • Set clear expectations and goals
  • Assign tasks effectively
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Resolve team conflicts
  • Develop staff strengths
  • encourage teamwork and trust
  • Measure team performance
  • Communicate vision and strategy
  • Advocate for the team


Course Benefits:

Team Leader Training Benefits for Individuals and organisations:

  • Feel confident and in control as you guide your team to success.
  • Master communication skills to inspire and motivate everyone around you.
  • Keep your best people happy and engaged, reducing turnover and attracting top talent.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency, leaving your mark on the bottom line.
  • Create a vibrant and positive culture where everyone feels valued and motivated.
  • Build a winning team that consistently delivers excellent results.